Hybrid Worship

Covid-19 guidelines

Our worship services are currently accessible both virtually (contact Pastor Alissa for online or phone access) and in person at limited capacity.

If you would like to attend in person,

  1. Sign-up (phone or email the church office). Those not in our directory will be asked for phone or email for the purposes of contact tracing. All (except those <12) must be fully vaccinated, which will be verified at the door. Our capacity is currently 60 people.
  2. Self-screen before arriving: Click here
  3. Wear a properly fitting mask while in the building. 
  4. Maintain physical distancing as much as possible (chairs will be grouped in households and moderately spaced).

What else might I like to know?

  • Upon arrival an HMCer will confirm that you have signed up and self-screened, and scan (or visually verify) your proof of vaccination.
  • Joys & Concerns for prayer can be shared by you in person (at a stationary mic) or sent to deacons@hmc.on.ca to be shared on your behalf (whether you are in-person or online).
  • Washrooms will be open. The nursery can be used by one family at a time.
  • Masks will be worn by everyone, at all times (no food or drink, except communion), except for the preacher & worship leader while speaking (and who will take rapid antigen tests).
  • HMC indoor air quality – The building committee has taken steps to both measure and improve air quality in the sanctuary. Feel free to ask more.
  • Camera shy? The first few rows may be in occasional wide shots where the backs of the congregation’s heads will appear on video. Only the back row avoids these shots.
  • We will sing the last 2 songs of the service. After the final sending, all are encouraged to move outside for further fellowship time.