Our History

In 1952 Hamilton United Mennonite Mission, as it was then called, began. With a new spirit of optimism, in 1957 the name was changed to Hamilton United Mennonite Fellowship to suggest more permanence. In 1963 the church first became known as Hamilton Mennonite Church (HMC). In 1964 groundbreaking began on 143 Lower Horning Rd, where we still meet today.

The Welcome Inn was born in 1965 as a response to the needs of the community in the north end of Hamilton. A Voluntary Service unit for young adults and a Mennonite church both had their seasons at Welcome Inn. Today Welcome Inn is an active community centre, an independent body still supported by HMC.

Over time, our building has grown to make space for all-age Christian education and the potluck meals we love to share. Our community has also grown and changed over the years, as we welcome new faces. Today, we are a thriving church of about 170 active participants gathered from the Hamilton area, and we have 2 sister congregations in town who are part of our church family – Grace New Life Mennonite Church and The Meeting Place.