Health & Safety

Covid-19 guidelines

Our worship services are accessible both in person and virtually (contact us for online or phone access).

If you would like to attend in person, you are welcome to join us! Please monitor for cold & flu symptoms and participate from home if you feel at all unwell (Click here to self-assess).

For indoor worship services, HMC Church Council is in alignment with Hamilton Public Health Services, which currently “strongly recommends wearing a well-fitting mask indoors, especially when it’s crowded.” (Click here for more info)

Some of the reasons Church Council affirms recommending masking for indoor worship are:

  • We value being part of a church community that is diverse in age and ability, and some of us are more vulnerable to the risks of illness.
  • We value our kids and are grateful for a return to in-person Sunday school, and we wish to support a healthy return to school & Sunday school for them this fall.
  • We value singing together, an activity which can spread airborne viruses further more easily.
  • We support our various church members who work in healthcare, knowing that these systems continue to be under great stress.
  • Unmasked activities (ie potlucks, outdoor services, and soon coffee time) have begun and will continue, and HMCers will discern their comfort level for participation. We wish for our weekly worship gatherings to be widely accessible to a variety of comfort levels.

A member of the Welcome Team can provide a mask if needed. We encourage all in attendance (except those <12) to be fully vaccinated

What else might I like to know?

  • HMC indoor air quality – The building committee has taken steps to both measure and improve air quality in the sanctuary. HEPA filters are running. Feel free to ask more.
  • Camera shy? The first few rows may be in occasional wide shots where the backs of the congregation’s heads will appear on video. Only the back row avoids these shots.