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Are you eager to find a way to offer your interests, skills, and passions to HMC's vision of "Sharing God's Grace and Living Christ's Peace"? Good news, we need what you have to offer! There are always ways to get involved, and January is the time that our standing committees especially look for new members. Check out the descriptions below and talk to any of the committee chairs named (also listed at the back of the HMC directory) or Council chair Lori GR if you are curious about contributing your gifts.

So, what do they do?

Education Committee (Kayla M) plays a big role in our life-long formation as followers of Jesus. They coordinate Sunday school for all ages, Children’s Sunday and church picnic (June), Christmas Pageant, Education Sunday (September), and working with our church librarians. This committee helps us learn a lot about God from HMCers of all ages.

Worship Committee (Matt T) seeks to faithfully foster our congregational worship life. They seek out and encourage the variety of gifts within HMC. The committee meets regularly to develop ideas for future themes, series, and guests, to review past worship, and to plan for both ordinary time and special seasons. Click here to find out other ways to get involved in worship, beyond joining the committee (but the committee is fun too!)

Peace & Justice Committee (Susan D) connects us with our neighbours across the street and around the world. They have organized projects like MCC kits and other MCC fundraising, and special speakers. With their newsletter, they raise awareness of various organizations who do good work we can support. 

Pastoral Care Team (Kristen E) is a group of people that meets regularly with our pastor to nurture the spiritual and physical welfare of the congregation. They care for people through prayer, visits, conversations, meal and ride schedules, and by leading in rituals like communion and baptism. 

Building Committee (Barry R) looks after the building, either fixing things themselves, finding volunteers or contracting out.  They attend to the physical and mechanical aspects plus insurance, accessibility, capital reserve fund etc.  Building committee meetings are rare; they are active folks!

Fellowship Committee (Melanie F) encourages a sense of community and friendship at HMC. Their responsibilities include coordinating potlucks, the Sunday morning coffee schedule, our June weekend at Silver Lake Mennonite Camp, and various social events (ideas always welcome!). If the answer to the question "Is this a cake function?" is "Yes", then you can bet that the Fellowship Committee is involved.

There are other small groups that look for members at this time, like the Personnel Committee (implementing our Abuse Prevention Policy), Pastor-Congregation Relations Committee, Auditors, and Church Council has a few members that aren't on the committees above (Vice Chair, Secretary, Finance). Talk to Council Chair Lori R to inquire about any of these.