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Blessing for Pride Month
by Pastor Alissa Bender

You are loved
From before the foundation of the world
By a Creator who dreamed you into being
You are loved
When you sit down and when you rise up
When you dance at the height of joy or wait in the quiet depths
You are loved
For all within you that does not conform to this world
For all that is creative, queer, and transformative
You are loved
Even if the light of love was once covered and hidden from you
Even if you once sought to cover and conquer the light
You are loved
When you hear and heed the call to renewal
When you grow more fully into compassion’s clothing
You are loved
When you lift your voice and justice rolls down like waters
When you open your heart for comfort and strength in work and word
You are loved
For you are the home address of the Holy Spirit
For you are the living place of the Living God
You are so dearly loved.

Sermon video below from HMC's Pride celebration in June 2021