Alissa Bender
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HMC is part of Mennonite Church Canada, and as a national Church we have been spending time in prayer and conversation about our "Future Directions". If you think that institutional structure doesn't inspire you, consider these questions: What will we look like as a national Church? How will we do ministry together? What will that ministry look like? Who does the Church need to be in the 21st Century? How is God calling us as a body?

To follow along with the process, visit the Future Directions website.
Join the closed "Future Directions MC Canada" Facebook group to be part of the conversation.

New: Click here to fill out a survey from the working group on International Witness.

Working Groups listed here were formed to address various details in the transformation. What would you say to or ask of each of these groups? You can read the whole proposal that is being presented at area church meetings this spring if you click here, or download the file below. The 3-page executive summary is contained within, or found here. As MCEC, we get a chance to discuss it April 28-29 at our annual church gathering.