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Each Advent season, HMC chooses a special project to support together. This year, as one way of practicing hope, peace, joy, and love, we will support the work of the Turtle Island Solidarity Network of Christian Peacemaker Teams.

The Turtle Island Solidarity Network (TISN) is a network of CPT reservists who are engaged in Indigenous solidarity and decolonization.  

The network focuses on:
Indigenous Solidarity: actions, events, accompaniment, advocacy.
Settler Education: workshops, resources, and presentations
Coalition-building to support Indigenous rights & partners.
Undoing Settler Colonialism: providing guidance to the CPT body on undoing settler colonialism within the organization.

Learn more on the CPT wesite and follow the TISN on Facebook:  

This year, the CPT Turtle Island Solidarity Network has been building connections and engaging in solidarity & decolonization work very close to home, with Six Nations of the Grand River. We hope to learn from this work and practice hope, peace, love, and joy in the practice of solidarity.  

If you would like to spend some time this Advent learning about how the TISN is supporting local struggles of Indigenous peoples, have a look at the resource list attached below for links compiled by Steve Heinrichs, Indigenous-Settler Relations director for Mennonite Church Canada.

From now until December 24, HMC is encouraged to donate to CPT’s Turtle Island Solidarity Network (non tax-receiptable).

e-transfers can be made via finance(at)hmc(dot)on(dot)ca
If you use PAD, notify Janet S to add a donation.
Cheques can also be mailed to her home.
Designate your gift "CPT-Advent"
If you donate directly through the CPT website, you can still report the amount to finance so we can add it to the Christmas tree decorating tally! 

$25 donation = One ornament on the HMC Christmas tree
(and lots of joy for HMC kids adding decorations at home!)