Pilgrimage for Indigenous Rights

From April 23-May 14 2017, a Pilgrimage for Indigenous Rights took many people 600km on foot, from Kitchener to Ottawa. You can learn more about this journey here, and its goals of
1) engaging churches in a series of conversations about the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, exploring why it matters, the hope it offers, and how we can collectively live into it, as well as
2) calling upon the government to fulfill its promise to implement the Declaration by embracing the legislative framework outlined in Bill C-262.

One HMCer travelled the whole 3-week pilgrimage. You can hear their reflections on that experience here. Four other HMCers (and a furry fifth) added their footsteps of solidarity for one day of walking near Hamilton. As a congregation, we prayed together over the weeks for the walkers and for the message they were carrying.

A 30-minute documentary has just been completed to share a glimpse of the experience, and the importance of continuing a pilgrimage toward reconciliation. Watch it below.