Love God, love your neighbour

As a congregation that lives across many communities, we especially enjoy coming together to worship God with our hearts, souls, minds, and strength. Here's a bit of what you can expect Sunday morning:

After being met by our friendly Welcome Team, we gather in the sanctuary and centre ourselves for worship, which begins at 9:45am. The worship leader for the morning leads the congregation in songs, words, and prayers, reminding us that God's Spirit is present.

Music is a big part of our worship and can include, on any given Sunday, traditional hymns, world music, folk tunes, chorales, and contemporary choruses.

Every worship service has a time when the children are invited to the front to explore the Scripture in their own way.

Hearing God's Word
Each worship service has some Scripture read and most of our worship services have a sermon.

We always take time to share what's going on in the life of the congregation. If you are visiting with us, you will be invited to introduce yourself so that we can better welcome you. If you would rather be anonymous, that is perfectly okay too.

There is a lot of visiting and connecting that happens after worship – around the coffee cart, in the hallways or in the sanctuary.

Christian Education
Sunday school is available for children and adults and begins at about 11:00 o'clock. There is also a lot to be learned by those who continue visiting with one another.



Advent Giving Project

Every Advent season we haveĀ a special Advent Giving Project. The children help collect it and for every bit donated, we get to decorate our Christmas tree a little bit more! This year's Advent Giving Project... Read More